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photograph of a karri tree truck in a forest near big brook dam in Pemberton

I have rediscovered a love of trees.  I am becoming a tree hugger all over again.  I blame this transformation on my wife.  She loves to camp at Big Brook Dam near Pemberton.  The area is home to an arboretum which has so many cool trees, including some amazing Redwoods.  I am photographing these scenes that remind me of a fairytale.  I can imagine Red Riding Hood skipping through these places or Hansel and Gretel getting fattened up for eating!

 fog between trees in a forest

Trees have personalities so I want to bring these out in my photographs.  I think of it as taking a portrait.  I am looking at the bush now in different ways.  It is amazing how many compositions are out there if you slow down and have a stroll through nature.  I have more work to do on getting the look  I have in my head.  It will take lots of experimentation and a bit of luck.

dark forest scene near big brook dam in Pemberton

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