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We are very excited about our upcoming exhibition during the Margaret River Region Open Studios.  It has challenged me more than I was expecting!  It is one thing to do art for yourself but when it involves a collaboration between not one, not two, but fifteen different artists, things get a little interesting.  How would they react to my photograph?  What if they hate it?  The pressure has been more than I would like but if you are not pushing yourself you're not moving forward, right?

We have invited well established and emerging local artists.  There is a really diverse range of art styles - painting, sculpture, resin, graffiti, jewellery, felting and glass.  We are hoping this will showcase all that art is - different techniques, styles, materials, ideas.  Art is many things and it has the capacity to inspire, move and evoke joy and wonder.  It's important and makes our lives better.

The idea of the exhibition is that I would - 

  • identify one of my images that I thinks may work with the artists style, subject or theme. 
  • This has then be provided to them and they will create a piece that is an interpretation of or inspired by that photograph. 
  • My photograph and the other artists work will be displayed side by side in the gallery providing an opportunity for you to see both art pieces as captured by different artists.
  • I have all new work and each piece will be a one of one limited edition.

I hope you will be able to visit the gallery during Open Studios and view the work for yourself.  It is going to be so interesting to see the result of the different collaborations.

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