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America, the home of the brave and the land of the free, well, that's what it used to be.  I do love travelling there though and after three trips I have collected a good selection of images from the traditional landscapes to man altered images and everything in between.  On one of these trips I was leading a photographic tour through all the best and crazy locations the US has.  We were staying in Tucson Arizona, the home of the aircraft boneyard and not far from Saguaro National Park where I took this photograph.
I grew up watching the Road Runner cartoons so this cactus brings back many memories, mostly annoying ones as I just wanted the Roadrunner to get caught and eaten.  Who didn't?  It also brings back memories of the old Western movies and TV shows like F-Troop and the Cisco Kid!  Now I am showing my age as they were both in black and white!  As I do get a little along in age I seem to search for photographs that remind me of the past, a sense of nostalgia and references to the culture of the day.
When I look at this cactus there seems to be an overriding thought that comes to mind, am I getting the bird???  Is that cactus so sick of photographers all standing in the same spot and making the same image?  They do say plants have an intelligence that we don't understand, I would say this one has a sense of humour too!  I have just done a google search to see what these cacti are called, well wouldn't you know, they are called Saguaro Cactus, duh! 
This photograph is going to be an exclusive one of one edition.  It is my new favourite and because it is special I will only ever make one print.

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