My new Love, the Leica SL2

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It has been over a decade since I have bought a new camera.  I have been a Phase One user for about 12 years.  I loved that camera but it was, like me, getting old.  I am finding I have to wear glasses now just to see the buttons and dials. Any chance of getting critical focus using my eyes was a lottery.  Slightly better chances, but only just!  You can imagine my delight when I now have live view and a super hi resolution viewfinder.  I can even just tap on the screen and the camera will focus on that spot.  It gets better, I can even do that from my Samsung S20 Ultra.  I feel like my photography has moved into the 21st century and the creative possibilities have increased markedly.  Add to that the ability to shoot in low light, a 5.5 stop stabilised sensor and some of the best lenses in the world and it is a dream camera system.  One firmware update I can't wait to get is the hi definition mode that should be available next month.  It will allow you to shoot a 187mp file using pixel shifting.  I have used a similar mode on the Panasonic Lumix S1R and it is a game changer.  The files are to be seen to be believed.  You can expect to see new and interesting images from this camera in the coming weeks, months and years.  Leica is an iconic brand and it is so good to be part of the red dot family.

Leica Leica Australia SL2

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