Carawine Gorge sunrise, Pilbara - MRROS Collaborative Exhbition

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sunrise silhouette over Carawine GorgeOne of the enduring memories from a recent trip to the Pilbara was the sunrise. I am not sure if it is the colour of the landscape, the dust in the air or the latitude but they always seem more vibrant, warmer, and more saturated.  It is always my favourite part of the day to photograph so I had to create an image that represented first light. It is this light that will tell you if it was worth getting up or if you should return to your comfy bed for another hour of sleep.  This image was taken at Carawine gorge but could have been shot anywhere in the Pilbara.  By purposely shooting directly into the light  and directing the camera upwards I accentuated the huge skies and the dramatic light fall off from the bright orange glow to a dark inky black with stars still visible.  It signifies the dawn of a new day and new possibilities for creating great art. 

Collaborative exhibition from Margaret River Region Open Studios showing the two images - one by Christian Fletcher and the other is an interpretation of his photograph by artist, Cassandra Bynder.Emerging artist, Cassandra Bynder has done a very stunning, gentle, thought provoking and layered interpretation on my photograph for the Margaret River Region Open Studio collaborative exhibition.   


Cassandra's piece -

'Between worlds'

Oil and cold wax on canvas



"We traverse countries far and wide in unconscious mind, keeping time. 

But if I'm lucky enough, I may remember when the songs of dawn wake me to rise as the sun intended and not roll over in comfort: instead, give a gift to myself. 

Cold nose leading, I search through stillness for a new day on the horizon. And if I'm very lucky, and very still, like a pause in between breaths, I catch a moment between worlds. The waking and the Dreaming."

Dramatic Light Pilbara Sunrise Tones

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