Lone Tree Bridgetown, MRROS Collaborative Exhibition

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lone tree on a hill near Bridgetown Western Australia

Standing in defiance to the farmers tractor this group of trees are perched at the very top of the steep undulating farmland near Bridgetown.  I have photographed the scene many times but never really captured the essence.  On this occasion with a soft painterly sky all the elements came together to create a memorable interpretation of what I was feeling.  I wonder what the land was like before farming, how majestic the trees must have been and how the animals would have been free and abundant.

Lauren Wilhelm and Christian Fletcher collaboration exhbition - ART IS

 The very talented Lauren Wilhelm chose this image for our Margaret River Region Open Studios collaborative exhibition, ART IS.  Her interpretation is so beautiful and an amazing interpretation of my photograph in her style.

Lauren's piece -

'One Cold Morning'

"Christian’s beautiful, evocative photograph brought back memories of early mornings on friends' farms as a child, exploring thousands of acres and feeling totally free in a vast, mysterious landscape." Lauren Wilhelm

Christian Fletcher photographer in front of his image and a painting by Lauren Wilhelm in a collaborative exhbition.

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