Epic Storms in the Kimberley

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Photograph of a storm cell over the Kimberley region of Western Australia

Back in February I headed up to the Kimberley region of WA with a couple of mates.  The idea was to hire a helicopter and photograph Purnululu from the air.  For those of you reading this from outside of Australia, the Kimberley is in the north west of the country.  It is an ancient land and one of the last wilderness areas on earth.  February up north is hot and I mean really HOT.  On the way it got to 45 degrees and we were only 6 hours from Perth.  The whole trip takes about four days, if you stop every night and don't go silly.  We were basing ourselves in Turkey Creek, and I said basing not basting, however we felt like we were being basted!  The beauty of heading north in summer is you get lots of storms.  We had one pretty much every afternoon and with that came some pretty remarkable chases and photos.  It is pretty intimidating to see these massive storm cells approaching not knowing what ungodly power will be rained down upon you.  The image above was taken just outside of Broome on the Roebuck plains.  Luckily or unluckily the storm was heading away from us but it was spectacular to witness.

Storm clouds over Dampier Salt, Karratha

I look forward to heading North again next summer in search of wild light and crazy storms.  Photography is about capturing many things.  A photograph can be very simple yet be very powerful, but I have to say, when you have amazing atmospherics life is a lot easier!  

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