Faure Island, Shark Bay

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Shark Bay, North Western Australia abstract aerial photograph, Indian Ocean and red coast
Shark Bay is an aerial photographers Mecca.  It has some of the most diverse colourful landscapes in the state and people come from far and wide to photograph it.  I was on a shoot with my photographic buddies all of us looking to outdo each other and win the title of least favourite in the group.  The pressure was on but it was good pressure and our competitiveness was only there to help push the boundaries of aerial photography.  We all shot the same landscapes but it is amazing how different we all see the world.  We were actually working on a group exhibition of aerial images of Shark Bay for the 400 year anniversary of the landing of Dirk Hartog on the shores of our great continent.  The exhibition of works was held in Perth, Denham and Brisbane and was very successful.  I would love to go back and visit the region as it is one of my favourites in WA.

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