Tailings Dam, Kwinana

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Mining aerial photography, orange patterns, tapestry Western Australia photographer Christian Fletcher
Western Australia is a huge mining state.  We love digging stuff up.  From coal and iron ore to bauxite and gold.  What I love about the industry around these mines is how stunning are the abstracts created due to their operations.  I am sure from the ground they are nothing special but how amazing is it to see from the air.  I took my first serious mining aerials up in the Pilbara but soon realised there was so much on offer close to home.  This image of a bauxite operation in Kwinana was so spectacular in its shapes and colours.  The textural pattern and design make it look like a painting.  This is what I love about industrial aerials.  When printed large and framed it is hard to imagine how something, that is effectively mining waste, could be repurposed into a work of art. 

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