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Tomorrow morning at 3am I will awake, get dressed, sneak around the house quietly and grab the car keys.  I am off on a road trip to Gnaraloo.  My wife will say it is a “boys trip”, which I find sexist, no, it is a way of reconnecting with my primal instincts.  It will be about survival in the elements, of inner reflection, of becoming one with nature, of reconnecting with my cave man roots.  It is a journey of discovery.  Sure I have packed beer, some red wine and lots of junk food but I would hardly call it a boys trip.  Yes there will be boys coming along, my personal doctor, physio and software engineer mate, hopefully they will keep me alive and kicking.
It has been at least 20 years since I was last up there.  It is basically a bush camp on the coast but a Mecca for great surf and fishing.  I don’t do either of these things so god knows why I am going up there.  Oh that’s right, it is about survival and all that stuff…..  Hope the beer stays cold.  One thing I took away from my last trip was gastro, that was nice.  I was also getting over the flu so really it was pretty ordinary and possibly the reason I haven’y been back for 20 years. I’m sure it will be better this time.
I will be taking my camera gear and it will be fun trying to make something interesting from such a stark featureless palette.  I like a challenge!
See you on the flip side!
Coast Gnaraloo Western Australia

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