Greenbushes - MRROS Collaborative Exhibition

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Greenbushes lithium mining tailings dam, abstract aerial photograph by the amazing Western Australian photographer, Christian Fletcher

The hidden beauty of industry. This photograph was shot at a lithium mine near Greenbushes. It is a huge area and the potential for interesting compositions are endless. I have been there three times and it has been different each time. From light blues, to purples, reds, yellows and greens, it is one of my favourite aerial locations. The outflow of the red miner al is contrasted by the stark grey creating a pleasing visual. I do like the fact they are producing Lithium, as I love electric cars.

Glass artist, Gerry Reilly and photographer, Christian Fletcher collaborated on a photograph and glass interpretation.Margaret River expert glass artists, Gerry Reilly create a complex and stunning interpretation of my photograph.  He has captured the texture and feeling of the image so perfectly.  It's not surprising that these pieces and the photograph sold as a set.  They are a match made in heaven.  Gerry's Open Studio during MRROS is a fantastic experience.  Gerry is often giving demonstrations and explaining the process of blowing glass.  It's worth a visit, for sure.

More about Gerry's piece -

'Pandora’s Palette'

H100cm x D30cm x W30cm

Blown and Sculpted Hot Glass


“I loved being given the challenge to respond to one of Christian’s artworks. His beautiful composition juxtaposed against (what Iunderstand to be) an image of the tailings dam of a lithium mine. We can only hope it is contained and not unleashed, like Pandora’s Box, damaging the world around us. The irony is that the refined lithium is used in glass, in lenses, in batteries … the paradox of modern life” Gerry Reilly

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