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Salt Lake aerial photograph by renowned photographer, Christian Fletcher

Ok I am one of those pesky people that loves to fly a drone. Sure they can be annoying but look at what they can produce. This otherworldly piece, that would not be out of place on the surface of Jupiter, is actually a salt lake just south of the small wheatbelt town of Wagin. These lakes that are numerous and scattered throughout Western Australia all have their moment to shine, that is, they look their best at different times of the year. When there is too much water in them they can be a single block of colour, when they have no water in them they are usually just white. But when they are only partially full that is when the magic happens. Colours of the water are varied due to algae and the exposed salt beds can be white or tainted with minerals. The pattern and colour of these natural phenomenon are like an artists palette, full of life and abstract wonder. 

Margaret River Region Open Studio art collaboration between Christian Fletcher and Ian DaniellEmerging artist, Ian Daniell, chose this image to interpret.  His piece is striking, colourful and a super interesting interpretation of my photography.

More about Ian's piece -

'Lion's Mane Jellyfish' (2022)

120 x 180 x 5cm
Paint, Epoxy, Composite Panel
Celebrating Australia’s iconic ocean fauna in glorious colour and definitive form, a t 1:1 scale. Life-size ocean art is a joyous celebration of marine life, championing marine idols, both great and small, at life-size. Cropped as if to of fer fleeting glimpses akin to encounters in the wild, the work is distinguished by the unique compositional layouts. Awe-inspiring scale is combined with a distilled stylisation that portrays the subject in a bold, eye-catching fashion. Playful, fun and shiny: bright colour combinations appear almost candy-like with a superhigh-gloss, similar to water itself.
Ian Daniel art

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