Happy Christmas

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Melbourne street scene with red and black wall, a tree in the foreground and a constructions sign, altered landscape photograph by Christian Fletcher.IT'S CHRISTMAS, PREPARE TO STOP !

I don't know about you but did Christmas secretly sneak up on us? I am thinking how is that even possible. Now I have to go into crisis mode and run around trying to find presents to buy and hope there are stocks available. I think this is a problem more men have than women. How's that you ask? Well it comes from the past two decades watching all the fellas turn up to the gallery the day before Christmas desperately trying to find something for family members. Luckily we are here to help. Fear not, we can find you something to suit your budget and your taste. Be it a beautiful framed photograph for your partner, a set of coasters for your mum, a book for granddad or a journal for the kids we are more than happy to make your life as easy as possible.

Now buying Christmas presents can be a daunting task. I think I am easy to buy for but my wife would beg to differ. She on the other hand is so difficult. I need help from my daughter but even then it is hit and miss. So my way of getting through this complicated process is to buy her something I like, that way even if she doesn't like it, and that is the most likely scenario, I will claim it for myself. In my defence she started this concept when buying books she liked and pretended they were for me. However it's the thought that counts, right?!

Sheep amoungst the autumn trees in Balingup, Western Australia - photograph by Christian Fletcher

The ultimate gift you can give to someone you love is a limited edition fine art print. Of course I would say that but it is true! So when your partner opens their present on Christmas morning how much you love them is directly proportional to the size of the photograph you buy them. No point getting cheap, that won't impress anyone. Go big or go home! Or maybe go small and get kicked out of home! The decision you make could determine how merry your Christmas will be! You could see me as social worker, a humanitarian an all round wonderful person, I am just trying to help. You can thank me later!

We are open every day until Christmas, make sure you come in to see what we have available. There are many photographs, framed and unframed, and in many different sizes. You can browse our "Framed in Gallery" section if you can't make it into the gallery and we deliver to Perth every week.

Beautiful living room with a Christian Fletcher framed photograph on the wall of Wyadup Rock, in the Margaret River region of Western Australia

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