The Kimberley

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Sunrise over a mountain range in the Kimberley Region of Western Australia

The Kimberley region is further north in Western Australia.  It is similar to the Pilbara but different.  There is more softness to the landscape, it is more grand and feels prehistoric.  It is where you find the amazing Boat trees and of course some very large crocodiles.  We had about a week here and spent time camped at Parry Creek.  The weather was perfect and was a welcome break from the cold grey days down south.  We had time to explore some of the great places and even managed a swim at the Grotto, a large waterhole surrounded by sheer cliffs and lush trees.  Later my mate mentioned he saw two crocodiles scurry away into a smaller waterhole below the one we were swimming in and he was fairly certain they were salties.  Later that day we were photographing birdlife at the Marlgu Billabong and witnessed a large crocodile hunt and eat a duck right in front of us.  It was quite the spectacle but I felt very sorry for the poor old duck.  Nature is wild!

black and white images of birdlife at the marlgu billabong in the kimberley region of western australia

There are many mountain ranges in the Kimberley region, for that reason there is so much to shoot.  Unfortunately there wasn't much time and we had to start heading to Queensland to be there in time for the workshop. I can't wait to get back there.

sunrise over a mountain range in the kimberley region of western australia

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