May the 4th Be With You

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I was lucky to be invited to capture some behind the scenes moments with my friend, Scott Slawinski of Base Imagery, who was making his third May the 4th Star Wars video.  The story follows Chewbacca as he traverses the Coral Coast trying to find Han Solo who is sunning himself up in Exmouth.  All along the way there are encounters with Imperial troops and Darth Vader himself.  It is such fun to get to photograph these characters who are movie perfect in every way.  You feel like you are on the set of a real Star Wars movie.  Unfortunately it was between 35 and 40 degrees most days and the guys in the suits were really suffering for their art!

People often ask me what is my favourite place to photograph and I would say, what is my favourite thing to photograph.  In fact it is more "things" than just a thing.  So I have been a plane nerd for most of my life, making models, flying remote control, actually flying light aircraft and also paragliders.  When I was twelve I saw Star Wars for the first time.  I remember it being so epic and it was a life changing moment.  So it is little wonder I am happiest when I can combine my passion with things that look amazing in a photograph.  Now if I could put a stormtrooper in a F-86 or maybe an old Mig, that would probably be just about perfect!

Big shout out to all the team responsible for another epic production.  Hope we can get together next year and make more memorable images and keep childhood dreams alive.  



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