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Royal Guard Star Wars character in an industrial scene with rays of light

Recently I had a small cameo in a 'May the 4th be with you' Star Wars video, filmed by the very talented Base Imagery, who do our TV ads.  I have always loved Star Wars, I mean, how could you not?  My wife isn't a fan but I don't think it is grounds for divorce but almost.  During the making of that video (you can see it here on Youtube) I met a guy who was part of a group of dedicated fans that have all the movie perfect costumes and create their own films and do charity events and other public appearances.  I came up with a plan to photograph these people and create my own Star Wars scenes.  

It has been so much fun and there is nothing like photographing the real thing on location.  In this scene I had a royal guard in position in the slipway at the Canning Dam in Perth.  It was all concrete and looked very sci-fi.  Using photoshop to stylise the light I wanted it to look like it could have been a scene from the movies. 

I have more shoots planned and looking forward to having a movie perfect Darth Vader to photograph.  Stay tuned for more.

Star Wars characters and crew on a shoot at the canning dam in Western Australia

Canning Dam cosplay Dramatic Light Leica Australia Light Rays Rebel Legion Royal Guard Star Wars

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