Milford Sound, New Zealand - MRROS Collaborative Exhbition

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Milford Sound, New Zealand - a beautiful photograph by Christian Fletcher

If I had to chose a place to live outside of Australia it would have to be New Zealand. I often say to my wife, lets more to the South Island, her response is usually something about it being too cold and wet but I never really listen. I only think selfishly about the epic landscape photography I could make if only she would put on an extra jumper, or two, or three! This image of Milford Sound is an interpretation of what the place feels like to me. It is dark, moody, layered and mostly above everything unbelievably inspiring. It is a location created by god if god was a landscape photographer. It is simply the most stunning place on earth. 

Ian Mutch and Christian Fletcher

With Ian Mutch and our two collaborative pieces. The detail in his piece is incredible. I've long been a fan of Ian Mutch's art (we own 2 of his original paintings) - he's a very talented and clever artist. His Margaret River Region Open Studios is definitely worth a visit.
DetailAbout Mutchie's piece -
'Home' Acrylic and ink on canvas 90cm x 90cm $8,800 "Portraying the connection to “Home” - comfort, convenience, familiarity, family and our favourite things, combined with our natural yearning to also branch out and seek new pathways - discovery, travel and exciting new adventures. Step into a wonderful world of whimsical characters, nature and details: Open Studio - 80 Norfolk Street, Dunsborough WA." Ian Mutch
Christian Fletcher and Ian Mutch

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