Honeycombs Beach Sunset - MRROS Collaborative Exhibition

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sunset over honeycombs beach in the south west of western australia

The heart of my work has always been the beautiful landscape vista.  I have been photographing the coast for over thirty years.  I have seen it change with the season.  From the intense storms of winter to the calm summer mornings it is always a source of inspiration and relaxation.  I often feel I am meditating, focusing on one element of that landscape, be it patterns in the sand of the movement of water around sculptural rocks.  This image taken at Honeycombs beach was one of those beautiful summer days, I often have to remind myself, this is what I call work.  Not a bad office!

Two similar exhibitions.  One a photograph by Christian Fletcher, the other, a painting interpretation of the photograph, by Sam BroadhurstI've long admired the talents and skills of Sam Broadhurst and was very happy when he agreed to be one of the 15 collaborating artists in our Margaret River Region Open Studio exhibition.  Sam chose this piece, then visited the location and opted to paint a slightly different perspective.  The results, side by side, are a fantastic capture of the location - one sunrise, one sunset, one warm, one cool.  Very interesting.  The details in Sam's piece is extraordinary.

About Sam's piece -




82 X 112CM 

(Honeycombs Beach near Moses Rock)

"How often do we as adults gaze out at a landscape towards the horizon seeking
something more infinite and a little more unknowing? Spanning from the foreground as a child would see, journeying to the horizon as an adult seeking the intangible. Offering the passing and fragility of the foreground, compared to the more eternal distant horizon.In my paintings, I have attempted to attend to the small things within nature, focusing on the present and giving priority to the here and now. There is so much to savour, explore and discover, providing opportunities for us to see nature as a precious part of life that is worthy of being given more consideration and care.” Sam Broadhurst

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