MRROS Collaborative Exhibition

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Poster of a collaborative exhibition by Christian Fletcher and 26 South West artists, during the Margaret River Region Open Studio event.

It's on again!  Bigger and better.  My collaborative exhibition, during the Margaret River Region Open Studios, will feature 26 South West artists.  They will each interpret a different image of mine, in their own style. My piece and the artist interpretive piece will be hung, side by side, in an unique and wonderful exhibition.

My whole gallery will be given over to this exhibition for 2 and 1/2 weeks - if you can, it's worth the trip to see it, and the other studios that are on during the MRROS event

We have a wide range of extraordinary South West artists who work in many different mediums - oils, acrylics, felt, glass, watercolours, clay, steel, timber, textiles, jewellery, photography, glass, timber and steel.  

Art is diverse.  We believe that art has the ability to inspire, transform, create wonder and joy, to start conversations, to evoke imagination, and to simply be enjoyed and appreciated.

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