Pine Forest, Nannup

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Pine forest in the morning, sepia tone photograph using a Leica camera from award winning photographer Christian Fletcher.

The road between Nannup and Balingup is my favourite inland shooting location.  Some of my most memorable mornings have been on this road.  I am always on the lookout for fog and this area seems to turn it on more often than not.  Of course I pick my days to go as it is about 1.5hrs from home.  I usually head out after it has been raining and it is predicted to clear up.  If it gets cold it will usually be foggy, it is all about the dew point.  On this particular morning it was foggy for a couple of hours.  If I get lucky, it can be epic.

I recently edited this image on a live stream on YouTube with Adam Williams Creative.  You can see that here - 

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