Brides Cave, Boranup Forest, South Western Australia

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Limestone sink hole in the Margaret River region South Western Australia.  Green forest karri trees caves that you abseil into.

It is easy to be attracted to the classic view of Boranup Forest where the carpark is located.  It is amazing to see hundreds of beautiful Karri trees as you come around the bend on Caves Road and it opens up in front of you.  The area is also home to so many stunning caves.  Just before Boranup is this amazing sink hole, tucked away in the bush.  

My wife, Jen, used to take groups abseiling into this deep hole, when she worked for Explorus Adventures. She said the abseil in was the easy part. Climbing out on a thin, moving caving ladder was the tricky bit. 

From the air its true form can be seen.

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