Salt Lakes of Western Australia

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Colourful salt lakes near Pithara in the mid west of Western Australia

Most years I manage to get away to shoot some salt lakes.  Most of the time this is up in the mid west of Western Australia.  That is not the only place to find these hidden colourful gems but is a good place to start.  Actually most of the wheatbelt region is dotted with salt lakes.  They seem to form in ancient river beds and when you view them on google maps it is very obvious.  The shapes and colours are dependant on the time of the year.  You want some water in them but not too much.  You want some shallow ones and some deeper ones and even some that are completely dry.  Don't go looking for them at the end of summer, most of the luck I have had has been after winter from August to November.  However if you head to the great southern region summer is a good time to be looking due to the extra rain they get.

They make amazing abstract images and brighten up a room when printed to 1.5 metres.

Amazing colourful salt lakes near the town of Pithara in Western Australia

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