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man walking in the rain with an umbrella between pine trees in nannup western australia

Last weekend I had a special trip to Nannup with my daughter.  She needed to make some photographs for her assignment.  I was the subject.  It was a grey overcast day with rain showers so we decided on Black & White.  

man walking amongst trees in nannup western australia

Using two cameras, her little Fuji X100v and my Leica SL2 she managed to make some memorable images.  I think she has expensive taste as she thought my Leica was pretty good!  Sometimes good gear can help!

photograph of rolling hills and pine forests in nannup western australia

We started the morning with a hot drink and banana bread at a local cafe and that gave us an opportunity to start telling the story which was the life of a photographer on a typical shoot.  From there we ventured to find some vistas and locations that were cinematic and large scale.  The black and white choice adds to the feel of the shoot, it is documentary style and when the colour isn't favourable it is the way to go.  I was able to talk to Amali about tonal values, contrast and composition.  She got a free lesson, but there were complaints, as I would expect from a teenage daughter.  Hopefully she enjoyed it as much as I did and we can have many more shoots together when I stop being just a cringy dad.  Both our kids are creative and that comes from being around art, photography and music all their lives.  Hopefully they will find careers in a creative industry.  It can be so rewarding.

a close up of a man holding a camera

black and white photograph of a bull walking through a paddock in nannup western australia

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