The Cape to Cape Track #2 and #3

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Running the Cape to Cape Track, Margaret River, Three Bears Beach

Cape to Cape running, Margaret River region, photographer Christian Fletcher, Wyadup Rocks

Over the last couple of weeks Jen and Shay have continued with their Cape to Cape run. #2 - Three Bears to Yallingup.  I took my bike and camera and followed them on and off for the 7kms.  The trail started on the beach, past the 20 surfers out surfing, up a steep slope, then it is a mix of narrow, rocky limestone paths to wider, sandy tracks. At the 6km mark, just when you think you are blitzing it, there is a big hill that lets you know who's boss!  Shay braved the cold ocean and went for a long swim when he arrived at Yallingup, after 50 minutes of running (Jen 54 minutes)

#3 - Yallingup to Wyadup Rocks 7km.  The 1.5km track to Smiths Beach was closed because of erosion from the last storm, so it was a 2.5km detour on the Quenda  Trail - a wide dirt track through pretty bush.  Then onto Smiths Beach, shoes off to cross the Gunyulgup Brook and around Smiths Point, leaving behind signs of civilisation.  This section was harder, with a few steep and rocky granite climbs and uneven, rocky limestone paths but with beautiful scenery, granite headlands, crashing surf, ducking under low hanging branches of the pretty Rottnest Island Tea-tree ( Melaleuca lanceolata) and past many well placed benches with beautiful views.  Just like Yallingup, there is a long, punishing hill that keeps on going, followed by a very steep decent down to Wyadup.  This is one of my all time favourite photography spots.

(Shay 58 minutes, Jen 103 minutes)

19km down, 104km to go......

Smiths Beach aerial photograph, blue water, surfers, beach, waves

Smiths Beach

Canal Rocks, Margaret River, Yallingup region.  Drone photography with lights, Indian Ocean, sunset

Canal Rocks

Wyadup Rocks, sunset, pink sky over the Indian Ocean, Margaret River region, award winning photographer Christian Fletcher

Wyadup Rocks

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