The Cape to Cape Track - half way there.

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Jen and Shay have reached the half way mark ūüĎŹūüŹľ ¬†They did their longest run - 14km - from Ellensbrook to Prevelly (Margaret River mouth). Their run took them past the historic Ellensbrook homestead (1871), past the Meekadarabee Falls, then through 6ft coastal heath, full of purple flowers. ¬†From there it was a variety of bush and beach along this wild, windswept coast. ¬†To finish, they crept past a 7ft carpet python and crossed¬†the¬†Margaret River.

I was hoping to get some photos but we landed up helping a poor guy who had slipped off some rocks.  He had gashes to his face and a dislocated elbow and probably a broken shoulder/collar bone.  We called the ambulance and waited with him and his brother until the ambulance arrived.  Poor guys were on the last day of their holiday down south and had come to the river mouth to watch the sunset.  And it wasn't even a good sunset as he lay there, in shock, whilst the sun shut down behind clouds.

I haven't put all their runs up.  In Shay's words, in contempt that only teenagers can muster, "Who would want to read about our running?!"  So, if you are still reading -

Injidup to Moses Rock - a long, boring start with the first 5km on a 4WD track, set back from the coast.  Unfortunately the C2C doesn't go past the Quinninup Falls (this is on private property) - definitely worth visiting when you come to the South West.  The run ended with a very steep uphill through soft sand.  Trust me, I know. I took my bike and planned to meet the along the track.  Boy, that was a workout and not enjoyable!!

Moses Rock to Wilyabrup - this has been their favourite part so far.  Very beautiful section awash with flowers.  And past Honeycombs Beach where I often go to take photos.  Our coastline is world class.

Wilyabrup to Ellensbrook - a short section, once again through head high bush packed with purple and yellow flowers.  Up some steep stairs and past the Wilyabrup cliffs, often used for rock climbing and abseiling (taking Jen back to her days as an outdoor instructor with Merribrook Adventure.)  This is beautiful coast with granite outcrops and isolated beaches.

They are taking a break for a few weeks as their skipper (ME) will be away doing a 10 day, 1000km bike ride from Perth to Albany - the Munda Biddi.  Wish me luck - I might need it!!  

Sunset Honeycombs Beach, Moses Rock, South Western Australia.  Indian Ocean, remote beach in the Margaret River region.  Photography by Christian FletcherHoneycombs Beach near Moses Rocks

Quinninup Falls, Margaret River, Moses Rock, South Western Australia.  Photography waterfall.Quinninup Falls

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