The Forest

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photograph of a narrow track winding through a forest at big Brooke dam near Pemberton

As my career in photography progresses I feel myself drawn more and more to inland areas.  To forests and rolling hills, to mountains and deserts.  The coast used to hold my attention, probably when I enjoyed catching waves, but now not so much.  There seems to be more ways for me to create interesting images when I am surrounded by the tall trees or the mountains.  My wife favourite place to camp is Big Brook dam, it also happens to be really pretty for photography.  Maybe it is from being around these landscapes why I have become more drawn to them.  Recently Boranup Forest was burnt out.  It was a tragedy and from what I have been told will never grow back to how we have all known it.  It will come back for sure but different.  I took photos there as a record of when it changed forever.  Isn't that the beauty of photography, it is a perfect device to capture history.

light rays shining through the forest on a gravel road at big Brooke dam in Pemberton

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