The Stirling Range

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Stirling ranges sunset, mountains and hiker
It was the eve of my wife 40th birthday and I had planned a special night camped on the top of Bluff Knoll at the Stirling Range.  She was so happy to be camping out, she is that kind of girl.  I didn’t tell her she had to carry all the heavy stuff as I was taking my camera.  The most precious cargo was onboard, the wine, that had to get to the top in one piece.  We started our climb in the late afternoon through passing rain squalls and strong winds.  The conditions for photography were epic and I made some great images all the way up.  Nearing sunset I noticed this scene looking back into the light and told my wife we needed to make a portrait of her to remember this special moment.  Prompting her to move ever closer to the edge I did have some concerns that I might have to carry all the gear back down by myself.  I told her to be careful and made this image.  This photograph captures the spirit of Jen, brave, strong and determined. She is an amazing person who is capable of anything she puts her mind to.  She has taught me so much about the environment, justice and equality for all.

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