Smiths Beach, Yallingup

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Aerial photography with a Phase one camera, South Western Australia.  Smiths Beach, Margaret River region.  Surf lifesaving club, surfers, waves.
I have been photographing aerial images since 2010.  The first time I shot properly from the open window or door of a light aircraft I was hooked.  This image of Smiths Beach I took from the window of a Cessna 210.  It is a great platform for photography.  It has no wing struts and retractable undercarriage so you have nothing obstructing your view. I was flying with pilot Roger Avery, yes that is his real surname.  He loves flying and was a pilot before getting his drivers license.  On this particular morning it was sunny and light winds.  We took off from Busselton airport with the intention of flying down the coast and seeing what images were possible.  We do lots of orbits when shooting aerials, the pilot will bank the plane and turn very tightly over the subject so we can shoot straight down and get a more abstracted view.  So we had been doing this for about 30 minutes as we headed over to the west coast.  I was feeling a little ordinary after going around in circles so much and once we got to Yallingup there was a reasonable sea breeze coming in.  We seemed to be stuck between an easterly breeze on the bay side and a westerly on the cape side. The air was very turbulent and we were bouncing all over the show.  So right about now I was feeling very ordinary.  I said to Roger, “mate, how long will it take to get back to the airport, because I am going to paint the inside of the plane and you ain’t going to like the colour”.  He got the message and 15 minutes later we were back on the ground.  Unfortunately, with motion sickness, it doesn’t just go away when you land, it hangs around for hours.  It was my least memorable flight but I got the shot and it has been one of our best sellers in the gallery.
Aerial Margaret River region

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