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So often I will venture out on a shoot with another photographer.  Not so often I do it with artists who prefer to paint or draw.  It is always an eye opener.  Both crafts have their ups and downs.  I would say photography had no downside until I realise painters don't get out of bed for the sunrise!  Well maybe this is a generalisation as some may paint the morning light. But overall Photography can suck because of the early starts.  Then painting is a slow drawn out process that can seem to drag on forever without noticeable benefits.


As a photographer I am used to getting immediate results, working quickly and moving on to greener pastures.  A painter working on a piece, in this case murals on walls, is stuck to the one spot, often for days.  There are paint cans to be opened, stirred and poured into trays, then the inevitable cleaning of bushes and putting things away.  It is messy and time consuming.  The rewards however are big and this must be the reason they love to put paint to canvas, or walls or paper.  I learn different skills when with artists, like planning, execution and effort.  They see the world differently but also the same.  I think it is about creation in the end, no matter what or how you make your art.  We are all from the same brush!

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