Donnybrook Farmland, South Western Australia

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photography silhouette of sunrise with trees and rolling hills in the Donnybrook region of Western Australia.

There are sunrises and there are sunrises!  This was definitely one of the best I have seen in a long time.

 I was driving to Collie with my good friend and fellow photographer Mark Stothard early one morning.  There was light rain falling but we could see a pretty good break in the clouds near the horizon and knew that, if we could find a good foreground, we might get lucky.  It was a stressful time as we could see the light building and we were desperately looking for something good to include in the shot.  We drove into Donnybrook and headed for the highest point of land we could find.  Unfortunately all the roads on the Eastern side of town were dead ends.  About that time we were freaking out we would miss it.  We stopped on the edge of suburbia and were very lucky to find this beautiful scene. I decided to silhouette the trees and make it just about the colour.  It was incredible.

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