Purnululu from the air - MRROS Collaborative Exhibition

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image of red hills at sunset taken over purnululu national park in the kimberley region of western australia

Getting up high above a landscape is the best way to see the contours of the land.  It allows you to see past distant mountains, to observe the flow and direction of a river and see the colour of the earth as it is.  Not only that, it allows you to get to places that can’t be accessed on foot.  In February this year I hired a helicopter with two other photography friends for three days.  The trip was to Purnululu National Park, one of the most interesting geographical landscapes in Australia.  We flew every morning and evening to maximise the quality of light and came away with many memorable images.  This photograph was shot in the last few minutes of the day with the angle of the sun highlighting the very tops of the mountains. With low directional light the subject contours are revealed creating a three dimensional view of this remarkable place. 

Two images - one a photograph by Christian Fletcher. The other a painting interpretation of the photograph by artist Mary-Lynne StrattonArtist, Mary-Lynne Stratton chose this image to interpret.   The lovely thing about this collaborative exhibition, is that each interpretation is unique and reflects the artist.   The results are stunning and interesting and beautiful.


"One of the  reasons  I paint is to re- interpret the landscape from what is in front of me, or in this case from the photo.  During my painting process I want to be excited about what evolves  and  be free to respond to what is happening on the canvas.    I found it quite challenging to keep looking at this photograph which was trying to restrain me to reproduce it faithfully.    I tried many approaches before abandoning each idea and put the photograph away to instead draw on  memory and emotional reaction to the image.  Now I could be more open to the possibilities of what the work may become through my process of layering and juxtaposition of colour and form to create a dance for the eye to travel around and through the work.  This was being true to myself as an artist."  Mary-Lynne Stratton

Price $5,600  Oil on canvas  Framed.

Aerial Drama Dramatic Light Leica Leica Australia Sunset Western Australia

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