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During the week I received a call from my mate Scott from Base Imagery.  He was doing a short film with a Star Wars theme.  Rebel Legion member Brad Newland had made some amazing costumes including the Chewie suit, a fully working R2D2, a C3PO suit, Storm troopers, and more.  It was so cool to be a small part of the epic story that was unfolding.  Basically Chewie was scouring the South West in search of Han Solo.  They finally meet at Sugarloaf Rock and enjoy the sunset with each other and the 100 other tourists gathered there.  It was so cool to see the reaction on peoples faces when they arrived to see a 7ft tall Wookie in the carpark.  These are some photos from the afternoon.  I have been a Star Wars fan since I was 12.  Now I can say I have been part of a Star Wars story!!!  Unfortunately the force wasn't strong with me and I didn't get to wield a light sabre.

Han Solo and Chewie standing at Sugarloaf Rock looking at the sunset in the south west of Western Australia Chewbacca at Sugarloaf Rock in the South West of Western Australia

Stormtrooper driving a BMW i3 at Sugarloaf Rock in the South West of Western Australia

Christian Fletcher and Chewbacca standing in front of a BMW i3 at Sugarloaf Rock in Western Australia

Base Imagery Chewie Han Solo Leica Leica Australia Rebel Legion Star Wars Sugarloaf Rock Sunset

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